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Server Integration

Now that you have your Dyte API Key, you can move on to integrating Dyte's REST APIs with your server code. This diagram walks you through the flow request of starting a Voice Conferencing call via Dyte.

Diagram explaining how Dyte works

It all starts with creating a meeting which is needed to start a live video call. After a meeting has been created on Dyte's server, you can now add participants to the meeting. Each participant is given an authToken which is necessary for your client side to further interact with the meeting.

Let's dive into further details.

Create a meeting

Create a Dyte meeting using the Create Meeting API. The API returns a unique identifier for your meeting which you will be using later.

Dyte meetings do not have a specific date or time associated to them, so you can either create them in advance or right when users need to join the meeting.

Add Participants

Now that you have a meeting, it's time to add participants to the meeting. Call the Add Participant API with the unique identifier of your meeting. To specify the preset that your participant should use, remember to pass the preset_name parameter as well.

On successfully creating a participant, you will receive an authorization token (token) for each participant. Your server has complete control over when to distribute this token to the participants. Your client side needs the token to connect and interact with the meeting.

What's Next?

Now, you can move now to integrating dyte on your client side or you can learn more about the different REST APIs that Dyte provides and how you can utilise them.

Client Setup