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Getting started

The Dyte CLI needs a little bit of work to get started. We're working on reducing the amount of effort required, but for now you'll have to do the following.


  1. Authorize yourself with the Dyte Dev Portal. This allows you to access all the organizations that you belong to from the CLI.
dyte auth login
  1. Select the organization you want to run commands in the context of.
dyte auth org



The Dyte CLI is POSIX compliant. This means in general, a command has the following format:

dyte <command> [subcommand] [options]

Getting help

The dyte help command shows you a comprehensive list of all the top-level commands and a short description of what each command does. You can run dyte <command> help to know more about the command and its subcommands (if any).

dyte help

cli-help Dyte help screen

Switching organizations

Simply run the following command again to switch to another organization. The list of organizations can be filtered by name or ID.

dyte auth org