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The CLI lets you start, stop, view and configure meeting recordings.


Set up your recording configuration by running:

dyte recordings config

You will be asked a series of questions about the configuration you'd like for your recordings.


If you don't know the answers to these questions, it's fine to skip this step. Our defaults are robust!

Controlling recordings


You can start recording a meeting by running:

dyte recordings start <meeting id>


You can end a recording by running:

dyte recordings stop <meeting id>

The meeting ID can be a UUID, eg: f68a59ca-5e43-4267-8982-bfcabcab88a3 or it can be the simple ID used by our meetings in the browser, eg: aoiler-tlmbwi

Viewing recordings


You can view a list of all recordings for a meeting by running:

dyte recordings list

Getting a particular recording

You can view the details for a particular recording by running

dyte recordings get <meeting id> <recording id>

The dyte recordings stop command will helpfully output the complete command you need to retrieve that particular recording!