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The plugin provides certain methods to emit custom events to other peers in the meeting. You can emit these events to all peers or selected peers.

Emit a custom event to other peers

ParamTypeDescriptionDefault ValueRequired
eventNamestringName of the event.-true
dataanyEvent payload.-false
peerIdsstring[]IDs of peers to whom you wish to emit the event.-false

Note a few event names are reserved and cannot be used:

  • enabled - Emitted when a plugin is enabled.
  • closed - Emitted when a plugin is closed.
  • dyteStateUpdate - Emitted when the state of the plugin has changed.
  • ready - Emitted when the plugin is ready to exchange data with client SDK.
  • toggleViewMode - Emitted when the control is toggled for users with view-only permissions for a plugin.
plugin.emit('myAwesomeEvent', { key: 'value' });
const peerIds = ['...'];
plugin.emit('myAwesomeEvent', { key: 'value' }, peerIds);

Listen for custom events from other peers

plugin.on('myAwesomeEvent', (data) => {
console.log('do something');


plugin.addListener('myAwesomeEvent', (data) => {
console.log('do something');

Remove event listeners