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Livestreaming: Properties, Functions, and Events

This topic talks about how you can use livestreaming properties, events, and functions.

Livestreaming is often used for events, such as concerts, conferences, and sports games, as well as for online classes, gaming, and social media platforms. It allows remote viewers to participate in the event or experience, interact with the content creators or other viewers via chat, comments, or reactions, and participate in the real-time conversation.


playbackUrl: This URL allows you to watch the live video stream. It is the location of the video file and can be accessed through a web browser or media player.

status: The current status of the livestream. This field can assume the following values:

  • IDLE

viewerCount: The number of people viewing the livestream, including hosts and viewers.


Use the following methods to start and stop the livestreaming.

Start Livestream

Users with the permission canLivestream set to true can start a livestream.

await meeting.livestream.start();

Stop Livestream

Users with the permission canLivestream set to true can stop a livestream.

await meeting.livestream.stop();


Here is a list of events that the meeting.livestream module emits:

livestreamUpdateThis event is triggered when the state of the livestream changes, specifically when it is started or stopped.
viewerCountUpdateEmitted when a new viewer joins or a viewer leaves the livestream.