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DyteMeeting (React component)

DyteMeeting is a React component that can be included in your React application to show the Dyte Meeting UI.


Prop nameData typeRequiredUse
onInitfunction(meeting: DyteMeeting)YesOn successful meeting creation, returns the meeting to the callback function provided (see Meeting object for more details)
onErrorfunction(error: Error)NoOn error during meeting creation, returns the relevant error to the callback function provided (see Error handling for more details)
clientIdstringYesThe orgId obtained from Dyte
meetingConfigConnectionConfigYesMeeting config object used to start the meeting (see Connection config for more details)
uiConfigDyteUIConfigNoUI configuration options (see UI layout for more details)
useShadowDombooleanNo (defaults to false)Renders Dyte UI under shadow DOM


Property nameData typeUse
versionstringThe version of the Dyte client SDK being used