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Property nameData typeUse
layoutsLayoutVarious layouts modes that the meeting videos grid can be set in


Method nameParams (with data type)Use
updategridConfig: GridConfigUpdate the grid config by passing the relevant fields that need to be updated
setOverlayelement: ReactNode | HTMLElementSet an overlay / filter on the entire meeting grid, read more about this in the usage section


layouts is an enum that enumerates the different applicable modes for meeting video grid.

DyteGrid.layouts {
Layout nameMeaning
MULTIsets the participant videos in a grid
HIGHLIGHTEDmakes the selected participant video occupy the majority of the screen


PropertyData typeRequiredUse
layoutLayoutNoVarious layouts modes that the meeting videos grid can be set in
participantVideoobjectNoObject containing information related to participant video streams on the meeting grid
participantVideo.fitstringNoVideo fitting and cropping behaviour on the grid, can be set to contain or cover - contain maintains aspect ratio and leaves margin whereas cover fits the video to fit container size and crops if required