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Property nameData typeUse
connectionConfigDyteConnectionConfigConnection info about the current meeting in progress, as defined below
uiConfigDyteUIConfigThe UI and layout of the current meeting (see customize the meeting UI for available options)
participantsArray <DyteSelfParticipant | DyteParticipant>Array of participants, including the current participant (see participant controls and actions for more info)
selfDyteSelfParticipantThe current participant (see self participant controls for more info)
pluginsArray <DytePlugin>Array of plugins enabled for the current meeting
EventsEnum (typeof Events)Enum of events emitted by the meeting component (see events for more details)
showSetupScreenbooleanShould the participants be shown the audio / video setup screen


Method nameParams (with data type)Use
sendRoomMessagemessage: anySend a custom event to the room (see this section for usage)
sendMessagepeerId: string, message: anySend a message to specified peer (see this section for usage)
onevent: DyteMeetingEvent, handler: functionCapture the event specified by the event and execute handler as the callback function with params supported by the event (see events for more details)
leaveRoomMakes the current participant leave the meeting
updateUIConfiguiConfig: DyteUIConfigChange the UI and layout of the current meeting according to the relevant params specified in the object (see customize the meeting UI for available options)