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Property nameData typeRequiredUse
userIdstringYesPeer ID of the message sender
displayNamestringYesPeer ID of the message sender
pluginIdstringNoIf this message is from a plugin, then the plugin id, otherwise null
timenumberYesUnix timestamp (with millisecond precision) of the time when the message was sent
typeEnum (MessageTypes)YesType of the message
messagestringWith text messagesThe actual string representation of the message
linkstringWith image messagesLink to the image that is shared in the chat
namestringWith file messagesName of the file
sizenumberWith file messagesSize of the file in bytes
linkstringWith file messagesLink to the file that is shared in the chat
pollIdstringWith poll messagesUnique ID of the poll


MessageTypes is an enum that enumerates the different kind of chat messages that are allowed to be exchanged between participants in a Dyte meeting, using Dyte's chat functionality.

MessageTypes {
textChat message with text
imageChat message with image
fileChat message with any file other than image
pollA poll where the participants can choose an answer to a given question from the given list of options