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DyteMeetingViewDelegate is a protocol that enlists different events that can occur in between a meeting.

- (void) meetingConnected;
- (void) meetingJoined;
- (void) meetingDisconnect;
- (void) meetingEnded;
- (void) participantJoin: (DyteParticipant *) participant;
- (void) participantLeave: (DyteParticipant *) participant;
- (void) roomMessage: (NSObject *) data;
- (void) message: (NSObject *) data;
- (void) activeSpeaker: (NSString *) peerId;
EventTriggered when
meetingConnectedthe participant has connected to the meeting but hasn’t started producing or consuming content streams - think of this as establishing a successful connection to the meeting and nothing else
meetingJoinedthe participant actually joins the meeting, and can start producing as well as consuming content streams
meetingDisconnectthe participant gets disconnected from the meeting for any reason
meetingEndedthe meeting is ended by the host or by the organization (as an admin function)
participantJoinanother participant joins the meeting ("join" here as the same context as the meetingJoined event)
participantLeaveanother participant disconnects from the meeting ("disconnect" here as the same context as the disconnect event)
roomMessagea custom message is broadcast to all participants in the meeting
messagea custom message is targeted to a particular participant in the meeting and only the target participant receives this event
activeSpeakerthe active speaker in the meeting changes - active speaker is the participant whose audio level has most recently been the highest (kind of like LRU with the selection factor being audio level)