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Dyte Embed

You can easily integrate Dyte to your project without any SDK!

Just use an iframe and pass your options and auth token in the URL query.


Here's an example with all the available options:

<iframe  src="<roomName>?authToken=<authToken>&showSetupScreen=true&disableVideoBackground=true&orgId=<orgId>"  allow="camera;microphone;fullscreen;display-capture;picture-in-picture;clipboard-write;"/>

Query Parameters#

authTokenrequiredThe authToken string you receive when you Add a Participant to a meeting.
orgIdoptionalPass your organization if you want to use your custom presets.
showSetupScreenoptionalWhether to show the Setup Screen Defaults to true.
disableVideoBackgroundoptionalWhether to disable the video background changer button on the control bar. Defaults to false.
endRedirectURLoptionalThe URL to redirect to on end of meeting


window.addEventListener('message', receiveMessage, false);
function receiveMessage(evt){  if (evt.origin === '')  {    const data =;    if (data.type === 'meetingEnded') {      const reason = data.kicked;      // take action on meeting end    }  }}