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The meetings plugins can be accessed using meeting.plugins. It provides two main objects, all which contains list of all Plugin objects in a DyteMeeting. And active list which contains plugins which are enabled and are currently being used in this meeting.

Playing with plugins

Plugins are webviews which can be added in any view group in android. To be able to get webview from DytePlugin one needs to first acivate a plugin. To do that all we need to do is call which will trigger a callback in onPluginActivated(). Similarly to deactivate a plugin one can call plugin.deactivate() and that plugin will be deactivated in the meeting.

plugin.activate() // to activate a plugin
plugin.deactivate() // to deactivate a plugin

Active plugin

To check if a plugin is active or not in a meeting one can use

val isActive = plugin.isActive

Listening to plugins in a meeting

To be able to listen to plugin events you need to implement a methods from callback DytePluginEventsListener. You can subscribe to this events by calling meeting.addPluginEventsListener(dytePluginEventsListener)

    meeting.addMeetingRoomEventsListener(object :
DyteMeetingRoomEventsListener {
override fun onPluginActivated(plugin: DytePlugin) {
// your code to handle plugin activation

override fun onPluginDeactivated(plugin: DytePlugin) {
// your code to handle plugin de-activation